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Class Materials [En]




01. Introduction


02.Language impairment: concept and classification.

Language levels and relationships.


03. Commonplaces in Clinical Linguistics.

     03.01. The Language/Speech binomial and its clinical application.

     03.02. Linguistics semiosis: signs or symbols?

     03.03. Language code and language use: semiotic skills.

     03.04. Language, grammar and pragmatics.

     03.05. The modular view.

     03.06. The written standard as reference: orality and writting.

     03.07. Source of the data: empirical conditions for linguistic data.

     03.08. Linguistic impairment: symptom or syndrome?


04. Clinical linguistics data.

     04.01. Pragmatic and ecologically valid approaches.

    04.02.Transcription: conventions for phnetic and pragmatic(conversational) models. Contrasting impaired data. Corpus: CHILDES, PerLA.


05. Linguistic analysis of deficiency data.

    05.01. Data collection and adapting to the Corpus Linguistics. Aspects of linguistic analysis: forms, functions and meanings.

    05.02. ENUNCIATIVE analysis of impaired speech samples: enunciation and utterance, enunciation and reception.

    05.02.01. Locutive, ilocutive and perlocutive speech acts.

    05.02.02. Inferences managed by speaker: conversational presupposition and implicature.

    05.03.  TEXTUAL analysis of impaired speech samples:

    05.03.01. Analysis of phonetic and phonological impairment.

    05.03.02. Textual COHESION at morphosyntactic level: agrammatism and paragrammatism. Indices of syntactic complexity.

    05.03.03. Textual COHESION at the lexic-semantic level: correferential chains and lexical relationships.

    05.03.04. Textual COHERENCE at the informative level: basic textual superestructures. Themes and Rhemes.

    05.04. INTERACTIVE analysis of deficient speech samples.

    05.04.01. The cooperative management of turn-takins. The Index of Conversational Participation. Turn-taking skills. Dynamic and constitutive speech acts.

    05.04.02. Kinesics and non verbal communication.

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